Thursday, December 21, 2006

/// RICK KLOTZ IS IN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trying to write about Rick in a one paragraph blog entry and doing him any type of justice is like giving Elton John a Fisher Price piano made for 3 year olds and telling him to play Tiny Dancer................damned near impossible. Here's my lameo attempt at an introduction:

Just in case you weren't aware, Rick is the owner of Freshjive, a streetware brand that has been around 4 eva. I remember rocking a hand me down Freshjive T-shirt with an insane colorful "Tide" inspired logo in Grade 7 (I'm in like grade 22 now)....Amongst many other acheivements in the industry Rick has been credited with being the father of the "remix" basically the king of altering corporate logo's into his own, ...Pictured to the side is Rick in a "Stussy" inspired FreshJive tee.....Brilliant.

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